Sharing the magic of photography through books and workshops, and providing outstanding client focused advertising photography.
Creative Edge
Always push the creative edge of photography whether using an iPhone or large format camera.
Client Focus
My commercial work always responds to your brand message and is designed to elicit desire for your offering
2o years of satisfied photography and education clients, publications, art shows and  international awards.


As a child I was given a plastic Kodak camera that delivered square photographs, a format that still fascinates me now. I was 9 and the guy at the photo store said, this kid has got something.

Over a decade later I wanted to properly understand photography so I read the Focal Guide to Photography cover to cover, three times. This very dry zero eye-candy book was full of formulae, diagrams and charts and real knowledge.

A bit later night photography called me and really ignited my passion for photography. This then fueled me to start the business of advertising photography in 1996.

My key to commercial work is to understand your brand,the brief, and to deliver images that visually and emotionally communicate and participate.

My own art photography practice allows me to experiment and develop new tricks on my own time.  I then apply these tricks and techniques to your own requirements.

For example, I built a hybrid film/digital camera from 3 separate cameras to deliver very large panoramic photographs with full tilt/shift control at both ends of the camera.  Next are two photos, one for my own art practice, the other for a client.  Notice the similarity.


Art Photography


Commercial Photography