Greeting cards with iPhone photography tips


A detail rich book to really develop your iPhone photography


Leading edge Cards and a Book on iPhone photography
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SHOOTING FROM THE HIP  is a selection of 21 greeting cards, each with its own short photographic lesson on the rear of the card.

The cards are great to collect, all 21 of them, and to learn about photography in the process. They are great gifts for someone who has an interest in photography or just because you like the photo and think they will. People also put the cards into small picture frames.

Buy the cards, individually, in groups or the Full Collector’s Set via the Luminere Etsy Shop.

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SHOOTING FROM THE HIP: Three Years of iPhone Street Photography a book that explores the world of iPhone photography using the Hipstamatic app as its eyes.

The book has 21 in-depth chapters of stories, tricks and ideas to improve your photography.  The Book goes into much more detail and depth than do the Cards and is the go to purchase if you want to learn.

The book is for people interested in how photography and particularly mobile photography.  It works with and draws on the themes and lessons of both past and present day photographers and artists.


Readers’ Comments

This is an entertaining and up-beat book, enjoyable as well as easy to get into and stay afloat in.

The images have an almost infuriating appeal. Unconsciously the eye tries to ‘clean up’ the fuzziness and gentrify the colours, but fails. One becomes hooked on them.

It is a leading edge book, in the way it acknowledges and works with the unexpected value of a mobile phone camera.

Marcus M Cornelius – Writer and Author

This book is a delight, erudite and educational. Easy to read, easy to like, and easy to look at.  The photos have a textured painterly look that grabbed me immediately.

The text flows playfully, prodding the pictures and holding them up and pointing things out. It feels like banter, like a visit to a gallery with a friend. I came out refreshed and enthusiastic.

Forget photography and smart phones, this is the best book on design I’ve ever read.

Russell Keightley,   Scientific Illustrator & Fashion Artist

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